Monday, July 30, 2012

Thought Venting

OK, so here's a post where I'm going to bring up a wide variety of topics that I was going to make into full posts, but couldn't develop them further enough.

- NiGHTS into Dreams is one of the best ideas in gaming history. The art design is spectacular, especially in how it blends real-world settings with dream-like worlds in order to convey the story further; plus, NiGHTS design is one of the best character designs out there. The story set-up is also great in how it brings up realistic problems that kids might deal with at around the age of 12, whether it be a recital or just having a parent who works a lot; I love how relatable it all becomes from start to finish. And then there's the soundtrack; absolutely superb, one of the best ever. The compositions for the NiGHTs games are fantastic and work alongside the art design to create a truly amazing setting. Then, there's the game design: for a game that revolves around dreams, creating a sense of flight utilizing the then-revolutionary control stick, was a superb idea. The only problem with this series was it's gameplay, which just wasn't very deep or fun. Thre probably isn't much that can be done to save this series outside of a full redesign of the gameplay, but I truly respect this series for having creators that really put a lot of heart into it's presentation and "feeling".

- I don't hate FFX and Panty and Stocking (anime) anymore. Now, don't get me wrong, I still don't like either of them, but over the last couple weeks I've come to be a lot more recessive when it comes to opinions, both mine and others. Basically, people like what they like, and creators will always make what they like, so basically everything that is made, be it videogame, anime, manga, movie, etc., there will always be people who like it. As such, my opinion doesn't really mean anything except for it's use in casual conversation. Thus, what's the point in hating something? So someone here's my opinion and decides to hate it themselves? What's the point in spreading hate? Nothing, that's what. So, yeah, I'm back not hating anything; there's plenty I don't like, but, hey, who cares? Don't worry, be happy.

- Is yuri slowly becoming more acceptable in anime? Lately, I've been seeing a lot more yuri subtext in anime, and not just niche anime, but big ones like Moretsu Pirates and Rinne no Lagrange; Pirates even had a canon yuri couple, and two on-screen kisses. Plus, with the popularity of YuruYuri and the now famous "unofficial" yuri couples of various anime like Mio/Ritsu in K-On, or Konata/Kagami in Lucky Star; will it not be long before we have more canon yuri relationships in anime? Only time will tell, but we all know which side I'm voting for.

- Final Fantasy VII is not over-rated. Over-time, FFVII has become less of a videogame famous for popularizing the JRPG in the West, and more of THE game to discuss when it the subject of over-rated videogames is brought up. Honestly, I find it strange to discuss a game that released 15 years ago in such a conversation. I mean, you won't hear anyone bring up the original Super Mario Bros. or A Link to the Past in such conversations, so why FFVII? Anyway, FFVII is a superb game, and, imo, should be considered a classic and no longer have its quality put on trial, mainly due to the game's age.

And, on the same subject, when it comes to discussion of older games, I hope that people aren't talking about such games without actually playing them. It's easy to find FFIV-IX in many places these days. If you really want to discuss such games, why not play them? You may be surprised how well they hold up. Just as I was when I played FFIX for the first time two years ago and it instantly became one of my favorite games ever.

- Can we start analyzing games more fully? Too many times I've seen critical reviews that applaud a game for its graphics or production values while practically ignoring its faults in gameplay and/or execution. The worst example of this occuring, imo, is with Bioshock; where the game truly did deserve the applause it received for its atmosphere, but it definitely didn't deserve as much for it's gameplay and story.

- Okami is still my favorite game of all time. But, Metroid: Other M is really getting more points with me over-time. Actually, I'm becoming more fond of several games more as they age; noteworthy ones being Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Grimgrimoire, Odin Sphere (yes, I've only come to love Vanillaware games more), FFIX, and SoulCaliber V. Though, I'm pretty sure the reason is because of how disappointed I've been with videogames the past two years.

- PlatinumGames is beginning to disappoint me. Bayonetta and Vanquish were two games that I flooded with praise when they first came out, but, imo, they haven't aged too well, especially Bayonetta. Now, don't get me wrong, I do greatly enjoy both games, but they really haven't held up as well as Viewtiful Joe and Okami have. Mainly due to VJ and Okami feeling like very full experiences, while Bayonetta and Vanquish were games that needed sequels to feel full. At the end of the day, I find the creative team now known as Platinum to have been better when they were Clover Studios; I don;t know what changed over the years, but I hope they go back to their more charming days. Hopefully, Project P-100 will reignite that Colver fire from those bygone days of old.

That's it for this one. I'll probably do more of these as time goes on, as I have a lot of ideas and opinions floating around.

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