Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sly Cooper: Thieves of Time Review

I'm gonna try a new, more concise method for writing reviews. I will simply separate my praises and criticisms into "Pros", "Meh", and "Cons" sections. The Pro and Con sections are obvious, but the "Meh" section is for criticisms that may not be terrible aspects of the game, but something that could still be improved. Also, the Pros and Cons section will be organized, from best/worst factor to least best/least worst factor.


- Great gameplay diversity spread throughout a lengthy adventure.
- Well-written and well-acted script.
- A diverse musical score.
- Diverse and well-constructed stage areas made with a decent graphic engine.

- Some more ancestors to play as would have been nice.
- More missions with the ancestors would have helped the gameplay diversity even more.
- The dance mini-games go on for a bit too long.

- Playing as Murray is shallow and unsatisfying.

Overall: Sly 4 is a game that doesn't go all-out in many respects, but is a very enjoyable experience thanks to a fun story and well-written script alongside some great gameplay diversity. Sly 4 reminds me of the days of PS1 platformers when a game's fun factor was its most crucial element.

Score: 7/10

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