Tuesday, October 15, 2013

30 Day Video Game Challenge Quick Fire Round 2

30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 19: Picture of a Game Setting You Wish You Lived In

Sei-an City (Okami) - one of my all-time favorite videogame settings. The city was alive and filled with great, colorful characters. Minus the demons, I'd love to live in Sei-an City, as it looks like it would be a pleasant place to live.


  30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 20: Favorite Genre Fighting Games - I love a lot of genres, but fighting games are my favorite. The reason being that fighting games are the one genre that provides immediate satisfaction of gameplay. With other genres, there is always work to be had in order to get satisfaction out of it, especially RPGs, but with fighting games I just jump right into the fight and given all of the mechanics I'll ever have; there is no work, just pure satisfaction.


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 21: Game With the Best Story 

Odin Sphere - a beautiful, sophisticated, well-written, Shakespearean epic. Except for Vanillaware's other incredible story, Grimgrimoire, no other video game story has gripped me and captured my imagination like Odin Sphere. The cutscenes were beautiful, the characters are amazing and multi-faceted, the music is beautiful and epic, and the composition and execution of the story is incredible. There are many great video game stories, but none have impressed me as much as Odin Sphere.


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 22: A Game Sequel Which Disappointed You 

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - I love Naruto Storm 2. It provided a videogame experience that was built upon visuals, music, and simple gameplay; and it all worked out superbly. For some reason, CC2 decided to remove a lot of the best elements of Storm 2 in Storm 3, and the result was a game that felt lifeless due to a severe lack of QTEs and boss battles. The end result was an unsatisfying game tat may have been pretty, but was really lacking in soul.


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 23: Game You Think Had the Best Graphics/Art Style

Okami HD - Okami wins this award for both graphics and art style, but Okami HD is definitely the bigger winner, because, well, it's HD! Okami ... in HD! No contest.


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 24: Favorite Classic Game 

Chrono Trigger - There are many classic games in my back catalog, but very few hold up as well as Chrono Trigger. It's as if the game simple cannot age. The graphics still look great, the music is still phenomenal, the gameplay is still amazing, and the story is still exciting and heart-warming. I don't think I will ever not love Chrono Trigger.


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 25: A Game You Plan on Playing 

 Kirby Squeak Squad - one of the few Kirby games I never completed is one that I'm anxious to go back to. I originally thought that Squeak Squad was just another simple Kirby game, but it actually makes a lot of cool advancements to the classic Kirby formula that I'm eager to try out.


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 26: Best Voice Acting 

Michelle Ruff as Velvet (Odin Sphere) - While voice acting isn't always the best in videogames, but sometimes you come across performances that are just amazing. Performances where you get lost in the character's voice and the character feels real. All of the voice acting in Odin Sphere is amazing, but Michelle Ruff's performance as Velvet is one of the stand-outs because of the range of emotions she presents throughout the story including rage, fear, embarrassment, and kindness. Runner-ups: Yuri Lowenthal as Advocat (Grimgrimoire), Liam O'Brian as Ingway (Odin Sphere), Reno Wilson as Sazh Katzroy (Final Fantasy XIII)


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 27: Most Epic Scene Ever 

 Final Shot against Jerghinga (The Wonderful 101) - This scene has great build-up and is just a fantastic QTE. Play it and love it. Runner-ups: Bayonetta head-butts a freakin' skyscraper (Bayonetta), Naruto's final punch against Tobi (Naruto Storm 3), Final Boss of Metal Slug 3, Final Boss of Dragon's Crown, Final Boss of Odin Sphere. 


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 28: Favorite Game Developer

Nintendo - at the present time, I'd say the developer who gets me the most excited with their releases is Vanillaware, but because Vanillaware doesn't have the uge cgame catalog of Nintendo, I went with the Big N. Now, of course, Nintendo has made many of the most incredible games of all time, and hold the most spots in my big all-time favorites list. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit disappointed in Nintendo lately, as they appear to be playing it quite safe as of late, which is resulting in some boring titles.


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 29: A Game You Thought You Wouldn't Like but Ended Up Loving. 

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm - I don't like the manga/anime of Naruto, nor did I like the PS2 Naruto Ultimate Ninja games much, but I was increidbly impressed by the amazing graphics and music of Naruto Storm, as well as the unique and solid gameplay. I didn't think a game could really grip me with just graphics and music, but the Naruto Storm games have proven me wrong.


30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 30: Your Favorite Game of All Time 

Okami - Okami is a game that encompasses everything I love of about videogames, as well as showing me just what videogames are capable of. Incredible art direction, graphics, music, game design, and story. Okami is one of the rare games that is actually incredible in every aspect of game design, all while being charming, inviting, and satisfying. Very few games reach the caliber of Okami; Chrono Trigger is the "Okami" of the past, and Kid Icarus: Uprising is the "Okami" of the present. I hope that there will be many more games of this caliber in the future; hopefully from PlatinumGames.

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