Monday, September 16, 2013

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 8 - Best Video Game Soundtrack

Day 8: Best Video Game Soundtrack

Chrono Cross. I listen to videogame soundtracks all the time, even to videogames I've never played, so this question comes up a lot, and I always have the same answer: Yasunori Mitsuda's masterpiece: the Chrono Cross soundtrack. To me, no other soundtrack hits the mood, atmosphere, and emotion of its accompanying game as good at Chrono Cross' OST. The focus on Mediterranean instruments and music styles is beautiful to listen to, and the really emotional tracks hit the soul just right. On its own, Chrono Cross' OST is incredible, but accompanying the game, it's an amazing experience.

Runners-up: Okami OST, The World Ends With You OST, Odin Sphere OST, Final Fantasy IX OST.

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